Welcome Message

HeadteacherWelcome to The John Roan. Founded in 1677, we are one of the oldest state schools in the country, with a rich and distinguished past. Having received funding

under the government’s Building Schools for the Future initiative, we have now opened our doors to one of the UK’s most stunning, innovative and flexible learning environments. The John Roan has been dedicated to serving the community of Greenwich for more than 335 years. With a brand new, state-of-the-art building at Westcombe Park and a fully redeveloped facility at Maze Hill, we are perfectly placed to deliver the highest standards of education into the 21st century.

We have a warm, friendly and caring atmosphere and we challenge our students to learn and aspire to the highest levels of achievement they can reach. The relationships we enjoy with the Greenwich Observatory and the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance go from strength to strength. Our location overlooking the Greenwich World Heritage Site continues to inspire pupils, staff, parents and visitors alike.

We have very strong links with Universities in London and equally in the UK. Our business partner is KPMG. They provide business mentors for our students.

We are proud of our six ‘Roan ready’ words: Collaborative, Compassionate, Creative, Independent, Investigative Tenacious. We expect all our students to demonstrate these qualities and skills not only in their lessons but also in their day to day life.

Catharine Wensley