Staff List

To email a member of staff please click on their surname. Alternatively please use the following protocol: [Christian name initial][Surname] Example:

ABAJI Evelyn  Maths Teacher of Maths / interim KS4 Maths Coordinator
ACKAA Judith  Maths Teacher of Maths / KS3 Maths Coordinator 
AHMAD Rihan Maths Teacher of Maths
AKINTOLA Emmanuel ICT  Teacher of ICT
ALADE Tomi Administration  Year Group Co-ordinator 7 & 8 
ALIA  Violeta TA Teaching Assistant SEN
ALLEN Jennifer Library Librarian 
ANDREW Carrie English Head of English
AMAKU Michelle Creative Arts Teacher of Textiles/Art
APPAU Barron SEN/DSP Teaching Assistant 
ARNOLD Tracey Administration  PA Headteacher & Office Manager
ARTHURS Dennis IT Media Resources Officer 
BAKER Sylvia Catering Meal Supervisor
BEGUM Rena English Leading Practitioner English 
BEGUM Fatima ICT  Teacher of ICT
BEGUM Rubina Geography  Teacher of Geography
BEVAN Victoria Creative Arts Head of Creative Arts
BOATENG Margaret Premises Facilities Operative
BOATENG Daniel Premises Facilities Operative
BONE (Tirsatine) Rachael English Teacher of English / KS4 Co-ordinator
BROWN Terry Premises Premises Assistant / Mini Bus Driver
BUTTELL Richard Premises Premises Assistant 
CAUSER Judith  PE GAL Year 7 / Teacher of PE
CESAR Augusta Premises Facilities Operative 
CHADHA Paramjit SEN/DSP Home/School Liaison officer
CHERITON Rosemary Library Library Co-ordinator
CLARK Jemma SLT Deputy Head Pastoral 
COLLINS Lorrayne Administration  MIS Receptionist / Admin Assistant
COOK Helen Science Post 16 GAL  / Teacher of Science
COTMORE Helen Administration  Senior HR Officer/Advisor
CRAIGMYLE James  Humanities Geography  Teacher of Geography
CROOK Henrietta Creative Arts 2 i/c of Art
DAGUNDURO Bunmi Business Studies I/C of Business Studies / WEX Co-ordinator
DAVIES Rhydian Creative Arts Senior Technology Technician
DE NAZARETH Franceline TA Teaching Assistant
DEGALLERIE Tracey Cover Cover Supervisor 
DEMMON Caroline Administration  MIS KS3 Student Support Officer 
DENNIS Joanne Administration  MIS KS5 Student Support Officer 
DUNCAN Elliot PE Year 8 GAL  / Teacher of PE
EDEKO Henry ICT  2 i/c ICT Department
ELLIOTT Dawn Administration / Catering Site Supervisor / Meal Supervisor 
EVANS Sarah Science Teacher of Science
EVANS  Claire  Performing Arts Teacher of Music  
FARRELL Helen Adminstration  Finance Manager
FARWELL Georgina Performing Arts Teacher of Drama 
FLETCHER Michelle Administration  MIS Cover Officer & Exams Assistant
FORSBERG Frida English Teacher of English
FRANCE Ashley SEN/DSP SEN Admin Assistant
GARVEY Daniel PE Head of PE
GEORGE Lianne English Teacher of English
GEORGE-ALLEN Grace ICT  Teacher of ICT
GHIULTU Cristina  Administration  Finance Officer 
GLEESON Ronald Premises Premises Assistant 
GRAHAM Becky  Catering Deputy Catering Manager
GRIFFIN Eric Science Senior Science Technician
GRUBERT Tammy Premises Cleaning Supervisor
HALL Jonathan Premises Premises Assistant 
HARDY Aliki Premises  Facilities Operative 
HARRY Samuel Premises Deputy Premises Manager
HAYTER Jane Premises Facilities Operative
HESELDEN Julie English Leading Practitioner English 
HILL Julie Performing Arts Teacher of Music  
HOANG Kim-Anh English Teacher of English / KS3 Co-ordinator
HORN Samantha PE Teacher of PE
HORNIBROOK Bernadette Catering Catering Assistant
HOWARD Alex Maths Lead Practitioner Maths
HRISTOVA Angelina Catering Catering Manager
HUGGETT Jennifer Catering Meal Supervisor
HUGHES Ciara  MFL Teacher of Spanish 
IGLESIAS-WHITTAKER Annette MFL 2 i/c Teacher of Spanish 
ISMAIL Sahara English  Teacher of English
JIMOH Titilola Business Studies Teacher of Economics/Financial
KAYSER Angela Administration  Year Group Co-ordinator 11
KENNEDY Stuart Science Science KS3 Co-ordinator
KHANAM Rumana Humanities Teacher of Social Science 2i/c
KINCH Philip Science Head of Science
LARKIN Christine Site Supervisor  Site Supervisor
LAU John Science Science Technician 
LEONARD Heike TA Teaching Assistant
LING Catherine English Lead in the DSP (Designated Special Provision)
MAGORIS Lorna MFL Teacher of MFL
MALLINDINE Jules SEN/DSP School Counsellor
MANN Natalie PE Teacher of PE / BTEC Co-ordinator
MARTIN Jonathan SEN/DSP Post 16 Mentor
MCGARRELL Paula  Science Teacher of Science
MCGREGOR Elizabeth Premises Facilities Operative
MCKENNA Jess Administration  Year Group Co-ordinator 9 & 10
MCNAMARA Cara Administration  Exams & Data Manager
MERRIDAN Marc PE Teacher of PE
MESSOUDI Rashida  Catering Catering Assistant
MILIKAN Nabila SEN/DSP Teacher of SEN
MILLER Christina  Administration  Admin Assistant / Front Desk Receptionist 
MITCHELL Paula Premises Facilities Operative
MORRIS Matilda TA Teaching Assistant
N'GUESSAN Webster Maths Head of Maths 
NOWRIN Iffath Humanities History Year 11 AGAL  /Teacher of History
NWAKUDE Kenneth Maths Teacher of Maths
OAKES Kevin IT ICT Systems Technician
O'BRIEN Angela TA Teaching Assistant 
OFFER Darren Catering Chef 
OKOKON Josephine SLT  Associate Headteacher
OSIDEKO Olufunke Catering Catering Assistant
OSUNDE Evelyn Premises Facilities Operative
PAGE  Emma  English Teacher of English / KS5 Co-ordinator
PARKER Kay Premises Facilities Operative
PATHAK Sanjiv SLT Assistant Headteacher 
PATON Kirstie Humanities Teacher of Psychology / Sociology
PESSOA DA SILVA LUZIO Maria  Creative Arts / Premises / Catering  CDT Technician / Facilities Operative / Meal Supervisor 
PHILLIPS  Iain IT Senior ICT Services Lead
POOLE Marlene Maths Teacher of Maths
PRICE Maureen TA Teaching Assistant
PROCTOR Liz Administration  MIS KS4 Student Support Officer 
PURCHASE Anne TA Teaching Assistant 
QUAN Chi Con Premises Facilities Operative 
RADOVICA Sigita Catering Catering Assistant
RANSHI Neena SEN/DSP Higher Level Teaching Assistant SEN
ROBERTS Tia TA Teaching Assistant
ROGERS Mark  SLT Curriculum Director of MFL & EAL 
RUTHERFORD Leanne Premises Facilities Operative 
SILVER Morris Maths Teacher of Maths / KS5 Co-ordinator
SIMKINS Margaret TA / catering  Teaching Assistant / Senior Meal Supervisor
SIMMONS Charlene Administration / Catering  Site Supervisor / Meal Supervisor 
SIMMS Jane Creative Arts Teacher of Art / DT
SKINNER Robert English Teacher of English
SLATOR Robyn Creative Arts Teacher of Art
SMITH Cath  SLT  Executive Headteacher 
SMITH Malcolm English i/c Media 
SMITH Angela English Year 9 GAL / Teacher of English 
SMITH Keir History Teacher of History
SOANE Paul PE 2 i/c of PE & KS4/5 Co-ordinator
SPONG Sally  SEN/DSP Teacher of SEN 
STARBUCK Sherry SEN/DSP Seclusion Base Manager 
STEPHENS-BROWN Jannette Creative Arts Teacher of Food Technology
STEVENS Frances TA Teaching Assistant
STEVENS Danielle  Administration  Admin Assistant / Front Desk Receptionist 
STIBBE Rita Humanities History Teacher of History
STRINGER Adam  Science Science Technician 
STUBBS Samantha Catering Catering Assistant
SUMNER Tracey Health & Social Care  Year 11 GAL
TAYLOR Patricia Administration  SLT Admin Assistant
TEBBUTT Susan TA PRIDE Room Co-ordinator 
THACKABERRY Paul Creative Arts Teacher of Hospitality & Catering / Technology / Art / DT
THOMAS Luke Science Year 10 GAL / Teacher of Science 
THOMPSON Elizabeth SEN/DSP Lead Teaching Assistant SEN
TOWNSEND Carmen Administration  HR Administrator
TOWNSEND Neil Science Teacher of Science
TRATHEN Jan SEN/DSP Seclusion Base Manager
TURNER Debbie SLT Business Manager
TUTT Sophie-Ann Humanities History Teacher of History / KS3 Co-ordinator
VAN-BEEST  Courtney  SEN/DSP Learning Mentor 
VEIGA Simone SEN/DSP Teaching Assistant SEN
VIGILANTE Peter Humanities Geography Head of Geography 
WARD Lois SLT Assistant Headteacher 
WATT Anne SEN/DSP Individual Support Teacher
WHEATLEY Anthony Premises Facilities Operative
WHITE-MOXAM Beatrice Catering Catering Assistant
WHITETHREAD  Gareth  MFL Teacher of MFL
WILDOR Victoria Creative Arts Teacher of Textiles/Art
WILES Geoffrey Humanities RE/Social Science i/c RE & Social Sciene
WILLIAMS Ben SLT Director for Post 16
WILMOT Deborah Catering Catering Assistant
WILSON Roddy SLT Curriculum Director for Humanities
WOODFINE Lorena Science Teacher of Science
WOODS Scott PE Teacher of PE / Head of House
WOODWARD Danny Catering Meal Supervisor
WRIGHT Alastair Performing Arts Head of Music 
YOU Ovannak Creative Arts Teacher of Art
YOUNG Gary  Premises Facilities Operative 
YOUNG Adam  Science Teacher of Science / KS5 Co-ordinator

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