Staff List

To email a member of staff please click on their surname. Alternatively please use the following protocol: [Christian name initial][Surname] Example:

E ABAJI Teacher of Maths 
J ACKAA Teacher of Maths
E AKINTOLA Teacher of IT
V ALIA  Teaching Assistant
J ALLEN Librarian 
C ANDREW Teacher of English
T ARNOLD PA Headteacher & Office Manager
D ARTHURS Facilities Operative 
S BAKER Meal Supervisor
A BALDEN PONTE Premises Manager
R BEGUM Leading Practitioner English 
F BEGUM Teacher of ICT
V BEVAN Head of Creative Arts
D BOATENG Facilities Operative
M BOATENG Facilities Operative
R BONE (Tirsatine) Acting Head of Department 
T BROWN Premises Assistant / Mini Bus Driver
D BURGESS Interim Deputy Headteacher 
R BUTTELL Premises Assistant 
A CESAR Facilities Operative 
P CHADHA Home/School Liaison officer
H CHAUDRI Teacher of RE
R CHERITON Library Co-ordinator
J CLARK Deputy Head Pastoral 
L COLLINS MIS Receptionist / Admin Assistant
H COOK Interim Post 16 (acting) AGAL  / Teacher of Science
C CORMACK i/c Textiles       
H COTMORE Senior HR Officer/Advisor
J CRAIGMYLE Teacher of Geography
H CROOK Teacher of Art
B DAGUNDURO Head of Business Studies / WEX Co-ordinator
R DAVIES Senior Technology Technician
F DE NAZARETH Teaching Assistant
T DEGALLERIE Cover Supervisor 
F DEMETRIUS Personal Development Worker
C DEMMON MIS KS3 Student Support Officer 
J DENNIS MIS KS5 Student Support Officer 
L DONATI Teacher of French
E DUNCAN Year 7 AGAL  / Teacher of PE
H EDEKO 2 i/c IT Department
D ELLIOTT Site Supervisor / Meal Supervisor 
S EVANS Teacher of Science
H FARRELL Finance Manager
G FARWELL Teacher of Drama 
M FLETCHER Assistant Head of MIS
F FORSBERG Teacher of English
A FRANCE SEN Admin Assistant
L GEORGE Teacher of English
C GHIULTU Finance Officer 
A GIDDINGS Head of Geography
R GLEESON Premises Assistant 
D GODINHO Facilities Operative / Meal Supervisor
B GRAHAM Deputy Catering Manager
E GRIFFIN Senior Science Technician
R GRIFFITHS Interim Associate Headteacher 
T GRUBERT Cleaning Supervisor
G GULATI IT Apprentice 
J HALL Premises Assistant 
S HARRY Deputy Premises Manager
J HAYTER Facilities Operative
J HESELDEN Leading Practitioner English 
J HILL Teacher of Music  
K HOANG Acting Head of Department 
J HOPKINS Year 7 GAL  / Teacher of Drama 
S HORN Teacher of PE
B HORNIBROOK Catering Assistant
A HOWARD Lead Practitioner Maths
A HRISTOVA Catering Manager
C HUCKSTEP Teaching Assistant
J HUGGETT Meal Supervisor
C HUGHES Teacher of Spanish 
A IBIDAPO-OBE Site Supervisor 
A IGLESIAS-WHITAKER 2 i/c Teacher of Spanish 
T JIMOH Teacher of Economics/Financial
A KAYSER Year Group Co-ordinator 
S KENNEDY Science KS3 Co-ordinator
R KHANAM Teacher of RE / Psychology
P KINCH Interim Curriculum Director for Science 
C LARKIN Site Supervisor
J LAU Science Technician 
H LEONARD Teaching Assistant
C LING Teacher of English / Lead in the DSP (Designated Special Provision)
A LISLE Teacher of Psychology / RE
J MALLINDINE School Counsellor
N MANN Teacher of PE / BTEC Co-ordinator
J MARTIN Post 16 Mentor
E MCGREGOR Facilities Operative
J MCKENNA Year Group Co-ordinator 
C MCNAMARA Exams & Data Manager
S MENSAH Teacher of Science
M MERRIDAN Year 8 AGAL  / Teacher of PE
N MILIKAN Teacher of SEN
P MITCHELL Facilities Operative
W N'GUESSAN Interim Head of Maths / KS4 Performance Manager
S NOTICE Cover Supervisor 
I NOWRIN Year 10 AGAL  /Teacher of History
K NWAKUDE Teacher of Maths
K OAKES ICT Systems Technician
A O'BRIEN Teaching Assistant 
O OSIDEKO Catering Assistant
E OSUNDE Facilities Operative
I OWOLABI Teacher of Maths
E PAGE  Teacher of English
K PARKER Facilities Operative
S PATHAK Assistant Headteacher 
K PATON Teacher of Psychology / Sociology
M PESSOA DA SILVA LUZIO CDT Technician / Facilities Operative / Meal Supervisor 
I PHILLIPS  ICT Services Manager
M PRICE Teaching Assistant
A PURCHASE Teaching Assistant 
C QUAN Facilities Operative 
S RADOVICA Catering Assistant
N RANSHI Higher Level Teaching Assistant SEN
S RASUL Year 11 GAL  / Teacher of Science  
M REZACOVA Teaching Assistant
M ROGERS Curriculum Director of MFL & EAL 
L RUTHERFORD Facilities Operative 
K SARGENT Year 11 AGAL  / History Key Stage Co-ordinator
M SAYERS Year 8 GAL  / Teacher of Maths 
D SEAWARD Catering Assistant
M SILVER Teacher of Maths / interim KS5 Math Co-ordinator
M SIMKINS Teaching Assistant / Senior Meal Supervisor
C SIMMONS CDT Technician / Meal Supervisor
J SIMMS Teacher of Art / DT
R SLATOR Teacher of Art
M SMITH Teacher of English / i/c Media 
A SMITH Teacher of English / Literacy Co-Ordinator / KS3 Co-ordinator
P SOANE PE KS4/5 Co-ordinator
S SPONG Teacher of SEN 
S STARBUCK Seclusion Base Manager 
J STEPHENS-BROWN Teacher of Food Technology
F STEVENS Teaching Assistant
R STIBBE Teacher of History
S STUBBS Catering Assistant
A STRINGER Science Technician 
N SULLIVAN MIS Receptionist / Admin Assistant
P TAYLOR SLT Admin Assistant
S TEBBUTT Teaching Assistant
P THACKABERRY Teacher of Hospitality & Catering / Technology / Art / DT
L THOMAS Year 9 GAL / Teacher of Science 
E THOMPSON Lead Teaching Assistant SEN
C TOWNSEND HR Administrator
N TOWNSEND Teacher of Science
J TRATHEN Seclusion Base Manager
D TURNER Business Manager
S TUTT Teacher of History
C VAN-BEEST  Learning Mentor 
S VEIGA Teaching Assistant SEN
P VIGILANTE Teacher of Geography 2 i/c
L WARD Assistant Headteacher 
A WATT Individual Support Teacher
A WHEATLEY Facilities Operative
B WHITE-MOXAM Catering Assistant
G WILES Teacher i/c RE & Social Sciene
B WILLIAMS Interim Director for Post 16
R WILSON Interim Curriculum Director for Humanities
L WOODFINE Teacher of Science
S WOODS Teacher of PE 
D WOODWARD Meal Supervisor
A WRIGHT Head of Music 
O YOU Teacher of Art
G YOUNG Facilities Operative 
A YOUNG Teacher of Science / KS5 Co-ordinator
M YUSUFF i/c Product Design 


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