Young John Roan Cricketers meet the England Team

29th May 2018

Fifteen of our cricket team were lucky enough to attend the New Balance Cricket kit launch. The company wanted to share their new kit with the media industry but also with some of our John Roan cricket stars. Our students were able to ask plenty of questions and play with England Captain Joe Root, wicket keeper Jonny Bairstow and bowler Mark Wood.

Our students bowled and batted superbly with the England stars and made a real name for themselves. During the Q&A session attended by the general public our students asked a range of stimulating and entertaining questions. Alihan 8O asked: ‘If you could play for any other team-who would it be?’

Jonny Bairstow replied: ‘I’d play on your school team-I’ve seen you all earlier-we’d never lose!’

To this-ex-England female Cricketer Ebony Rainford-Brent replied: ‘I’d play for the girls team; because I hear the girls are better than the boys at The John Roan school’. This comment caused quite a stir amongst the group. Both Ebony and England star Charlotte Edwards were very generous with their time were and lots of fun.

All of our student were delighted to participate in this experience and we look forward to tracking their success in competitions in June.  

Jude 8J: ‘This was probably the best school trip ever’

Nischan 8T: ‘Bowling at top players was amazing-I loved it’

Yael 10S: ‘It was the best day ever-I can’t believe I bowled out loads of people and got high five’d by Mark Wood’  


Mr Garvey

Head of Physical Education