Nomination of Parent Governors

8th March 2018

Dear Parent/Carer       

Nomination of Parent Governors

I am writing to advise that a vacancy for a Parent Governor has arisen and nominations are being sought.

Parent Governors have a four year term of office and do not have to resign if their child leaves the school during this period. Any parent (or carer) of a student registered in this School is entitled to stand for election and all parents are entitled to one vote per vacancy. The Governing Body is committed to reflecting the profile of our school community and we therefore welcome nominations from parents and carers from ethnic minorities.

Time and commitment are required to be a Governor but you will be making a very important and rewarding contribution to your child’s school and the local community.

The role of a School Governor has been described as being that of a ‘critical friend’ because, while acting supportively towards the school, they also monitor and review all aspects of the school’s progress.  Governors are expected to attend four full Governing body meetings a year and to sit on one of the Committees who also meet 3-4 times a year.   Payments for childcare expenses are available, and governors are entitled to reasonable time off work to fulfil their duties. If you would like to find out more about the role of Parent Governor from one of the current Governors please contact Pat Taylor on 0208 516 7542.

If you wish to nominate someone, or yourself, I should be grateful if you would complete the Nomination Form attached. As you see, the signature of the nominee is required to indicate their willingness to serve on the Governing Body, together with a short personal statement (no longer than 100 words) from the candidate which will be circulated to parents with the ballot paper, and which will help them to make their choice.

Prior to a nomination being accepted the nominee must confirm that they are not disqualified from Governorship by signing and returning the declaration on the reverse of the nomination form.  Extra nomination forms are available to download here: Parent-Governor-nomination-form

To be accepted, nominations must be delivered to the School no later than 12 noon on Friday 16 March 2018, clearly marked ‘Parent Governor Election’. When I have received the nominations, in the event that there is more than one, we will send out the ballot papers. 

Yours sincerely

Cath Smith

Executive Headteacher