Extreme Weather Letter

1st March 2018

Dear Parent/Carer

Thank you for your support at this time of extreme British weather. 

I appreciate that it is difficult for parents to plan when the school has to make late decisions about opening hours. The default position must always be that the school is open. Decisions about changed opening times, or even to close, are made once health and safety assessments have been undertaken and there is knowledge about which staff are able to get in to school. We are continuously assessing the situation in terms of the safety of our staff and students, reflecting on the weather conditions at the moment, as well as the forecast.

On this basis, today, Thursday 1 March, I made the decision to have a late start, but the school was open from 8.00 am for any students who had already started their journey.  I understand there may have been confusing messages on social media, but these have not come from the School. Any message about closure/altered times will be posted on the official School website and a text/e-mail will be sent to parents at the earliest opportunity. We also have a Facebook page and a twitter account where news is posted.

I will do my very best to let parents know as soon as possible if the school opening times are changing.

Yours sincerely

Cath Smith

Executive Headteacher