Year 9 Options: Information for Year 9 pupils

31st January 2018

Dear Parents/Cares

To help you find out more about your options this year we have made you your very own Year 9 options web page.

On this web page you will find some really useful information about choosing your options.

There is information about each subject being offered.

There is an online form for you to use when making your options choices.

If you and your parents want some extra help, you can make an appointment to speak to a member of seniour staff - right there on the web page.

You can also book you and your parents into a supported IT session after school so you can come and use our computers to look at the web site and make your choices.

When you click on the link make sure you log in with your school username and password.

You can forward this email to your parents, but YOU will have to log into your school account for them to see the web page and use the options choices online form.

You can also view this web page on your phone or tablet.

I hope you find this web page useful and don't forget you or your parents can email me with any questions.

Mr Burgess
Deputy Headteacher