Year 11 Mock Exams

25th October 2017

Year 11 Mock Exam Series

The first series of mock exams will begin on Monday 20th November for Year 11. All exams should be concluded by Friday 1st December. Maths, English, Science, Geography and History exams will take place in the gym and pupils will be taken off timetable in order to complete these exams. All other exams will take place during normally timetabled lessons, with the exception of CiDa and Art, where pupils will be off timetable. Please support your child with revision and preparation, in particular ensuring that they have all the necessary equipment. Thorough revision will support progress and better prepare pupils for their final exams in Summer 2018.

Results from these mock exams may be required for Post 16 applications.

The timetable for exams taking place in the gym is as follows;





Maths 1

1h 30m

English Lang

1h 45m


Hist. / Geog.

1h / 1h 15m

Science 1

1h 15m (1h 45m*)


Maths 2

1h 30m

Science 2

1h 15m (1h 45m*)


Maths 3

1h 30m

English Lit (Poetry).

1h 45m

*Triple Scientists

Revision session for the exams are here