The John Roan School Association Fundraising Information

2nd October 2017

Call for help from all those who shop online… the JRSA now has a portal page on the easyfundraising website. The idea is that you register, and download a reminder button that alerts you when you are shopping from a website which is signed up to the cause. You then click on that, and a percentage of everything that you spend will be donated to the JRSA by that retailer. This includes groceries and holidays, so you really can make a difference.

The John Roan School Association is made up of parents, carers and friends of the school. We are predominantly a social club, organising termly get-togethers, and putting the ‘fun’ in fundraising. The money raised goes to support all departments of the school in providing specific extracurricular projects or equipment, and ensuring that no child misses out due to lack of funds.

Please share this with friends and family, you don’t need to be a member of the JRSA to support us, although everyone with a child at the school is automatically a member, whether or not they choose to be active within the group. This is a way to help fundraise without committing to any further action… and of course, even after your child has left the school, you can still help us by continuing to use and share the link.  In particular, if you or anyone you know is responsible for buying supplies for an organisation, booking flights, etc, please ask if they wouldn’t mind using the site – we would only need a few companies to sign up to make a huge contribution.

For further information on the JRSA, including how to get involved, or just stay up to date on events, please email us, or sign up for our newsletter

or join our Facebook group…

We meet once every half-term at Westcombe site, the dates for the coming year are published on the school website under the heading ‘John Roan Family’ – JRSA The next one is on Thursday October 12th, 6.45pm, and everyone is welcome.

Your help in this is hugely appreciated… Please click the link!