Year 11 Mock Exams

15th February 2019

Dear Parent / Carer,

The Year 11 Mock exams will take place the week beginning 25th February.

Please encourage your child to spend half term preparing for exams (as well as having fun!). Each student should have an exams revision booklet ('Planning for Success') that details what topics they should be revising for each subject. This booklet was given to every student at the start of the academic year. 

Students must have a revision timetable in place as this helps to organise and plan their time effectively.

Example of a revision timetable:









English lit - Macbeth Act 1 and 2
Science - organic chemistry.
Psychology - social loafing and conformity

History - popular culture in the 1930's
Computer Science - The CPU


Maths - 3D solids and pie charts.
Geography - weather hazards

Business - Business location
Media - Character and camera shots.

HSC - Stress and Economic factors
English lang -

Each subject needs to included in the timetable every week. Specific topics also need to be included. The timetable should be planned for a minimum of four weeks in advance. Each week, students need to increase the amount of time that they revise for each subject.

Kind Regards

Ms Sumner (Year 11 GAL)