GCSE Results Day 2018

28th August 2018

The John Roan’s high flier joins elite group of students with clean sweep of top grades

Year 11 students at The John Roan have been in school to celebrate their GCSE results.  Following some outstanding results, many are now confirming their places for further study on a wide range of courses and we are delighted that The John Roan Sixth Form is firmly the destination of choice.

Amongst those who joined staff on Thursday was Eldona Kupa, our Head girl and a young woman who has been an outstanding student throughout her five years at the school. Today she finds herself in an elite group of top performing students from across the country, those that achieved top grades in every subject following the widening of the new marking system. It has been reported that her nine grade 9s and two A*s puts her alongside just 700 other teenagers.

Along with Eldona, this year has seen our students engage with a rich variety of activities outside of the classroom; ranging from visits to colleges and universities to working with undergraduates on Saturday mornings, and from starring in the school musical to taking on leadership roles as mentors, prefects and school councillors. It is pleasing to see the strong correlation between participation in enrichment activities and strong outcomes at GCSE.

Some of those that have clearly benefitted from our rounded curriculum include:
Aleksandra Wilk: 3 x 9; 3 x 8; 3 x 7; A
Nadia Oviawe: 3 x 9; 8,7,A*, A
Matthew Francis: 9, 8, 4 x 7; D*2
Hector Allen: 4 x 8; 6 x 7
Georgia Halstead: 9, A*, 3 x 8, 2 x 7

Headteacher, Cath Smith, commented: “Since I joined The John Roan 7 months ago, my team and I have implemented a number of new initiatives to create a well-rounded experience for our students. We firmly believe that by engaging students in activities outside of the classroom, as well as in it, they will not only prosper academically but be better prepared for the rigours of the world beyond our gates. I would like to congratulate everyone on their efforts and look forward to seeing them representing our Sixth Form.”