National Writing Day

28th June 2018

Dear All,

To celebrate National Writing Day on Wednesday 27th June, our Patron of Reading, Philip Womack came to run workshops throughout the day with Years 7, 8 and 9.

The day started with a workshop with Year 7 students creating their own heroes and villains, and then writing the story of how their characters met. We had some amazing stories featuring 90 year old women fighting very slowly and overweight villains who wanted croissants!

This was followed by a workshop with Year 8 students who were challenged to write a story featuring magical boxes that do all sorts of strange things!

The day finished with a workshop with the members of Journalism Club which featured the students role-playing the roles of journalist and interviewee. There were some very intense questions, especially about Harry Potter Houses and money!

It was a fantastic way to celebrate National Writing Day and we’re looking forward to Philip’s next visit.