Curriculum Overview

The John Roan offers a broad, balanced and relevant programme of academic and vocational courses.

We offer an exciting curriculum which will give our students the opportunity to study combinations of courses which more closely meet their individual choices, needs and aspirations, whilst meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum.

We deliver a two year “condensed” Key Stage 3 followed by an expanded three year Key Stage 4 with students choosing subjects towards the end of Year 8.  This provides the time for a broader and deeper knowledge and understanding of a subject to be developed.

All subjects provide a range of differentiated tasks and activities which are suited to the students’ needs and abilities. Students are encouraged to be actively involved in lessons and are given responsibility for their own learning.


All students study the national Curriculum subjects:  English, Mathematics, Science, Technology, IT, Religious Education, History, Geography, Physical Education, Art, Music, Drama and PCHE (including Citizenship).  Additionally, all students study French or Spanish.


All students continue to follow the core curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science, RE, PCHE and Physical Education.  In addition, following a programme of careers and guided option choices in Year 8, students can personalise the remainder of their curriculum by selecting from a wide range of courses in ICT and Business, Humanities, Arts, Technologies, Sciences and Languages.  These courses include both traditional GCSEs as well as vocational BTEC courses.

Many students are choosing to study either French or Spanish in combination with either Geography or History as two of their guided options. These, in combination with the core curriculum, meet the subject requirements of the English Baccalaureate.


At 16+ students can progress and continue to personalise their studies by choosing courses from a wide range of traditional academic and vocational pathways from GCE Advanced Subsidiary, Advanced Level or BTEC Certificate and Subsidiary Diploma Level 3 courses or a combination of these where appropriate.

Guidance towards Post 16 course choices is given in Year 11 and there is an ongoing comprehensive programme of Careers and University applications advice to help each young person make the right decisions about their future.


Rigorous, well managed homework is important as it gives pupils the opportunity to practice at home the tasks covered in class, develop the independent learning skills and attitudes that they will need for lifelong learning and the opportunity to build on and extend their existing knowledge and understanding. It also gives parents an opportunity to take part in their children’s learning.

Homework is set according to Departmental Homework Policies and Year 7 students should expect about an hour of homework per night, rising to one and a half hours per night in year 9 and one and a half to two hours per night in Years 10 and 11.

In Years 12 & 13 the amount of independent work required outside lessons will depend upon the students’ individual programmes.

Students are responsible for recording their homework, ensuring their understanding of the homework tasks and demonstrating a commitment to spending the allocated time set doing the tasks set and handing the work in on time.

Parents and carers will encourage and monitor homework as described in the home school agreement informing the school, following the communication procedures, if an issue arises.

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