The John Roan Foundation

John Roan died in 1644 and bequeathed his estate to educate the town-born children of Greenwich. The legacy still exists today and is managed by the John Roan Foundation.

The Trust owns several properties mainly in Roan Street, Greenwich, as well as the Maze Hill school building and the playing fields in Kidbrooke Park Road. Income from these assets allows the Trust to further students’ education by helping the school to fund projects which fall outside of State provision and therefore continuing to fulfil John Roan’s wishes.

For example it funds the school orchestra, allowing every student the opportunity to learn an instrument; it provides and maintains the minibuses and in the past has provided the computers throughout the school. The Foundation has frequently provided the school with over £100,000 a year.

The John Roan Foundation also funds the Roan Exhibition. This was first awarded in 1882. It is awarded every year to the boy and girl who have achieved the highest results in their A levels. It is a bursary of £500 paid for 3 years to help them through their choice of further education.

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The John Roan Foundation: Registered Charity Number 312707

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