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Welcome to The John Roan. Founded in 1677, we are one of the oldest state schools in the country, with a rich and distinguished past. The John Roan has been dedicated to serving the community of Greenwich for more than 335 years.
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  • thejohnroan Retweeted@thejrsa - May 17
    Good luck to Cerys Daniels in Yr8 who will be competing in the modern Pentathlon in the 2019 London Schools Combined Events on 23 May. Go Cerys !
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@thejohnroan_pe - May 17
    Well done to our superstar allrounder Cerys in year 8. She performed in the u15 girls hurdles, 100m, long jump and came 5th in the high jump
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@thejrsa - May 17
    Well done to all the Yr 9 Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Students who did exceptionally well on their practice expedition last week. Smiling even through the down pours!
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@jr_library - May 17
    This morning in the libraries…everyone was knitting following our trip to yesterday. We’ve had more requests to learn to knit, and students are even teaching mums and dads to knit at home! It was great to see!
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@alexpatrick37 - May 16
    My year 9 really enjoyed the weekend. Thank you to all the staff who are organising you have done a fantastic job
  • @thejohnroan - May 16
    We are all very proud to see Cerys Daniels in year 8 has been entered in to this years London Schools Combined Events on 23 May, she is competing in the modern Pentathlon, good luck Cerys
  • @thejohnroan - May 16
    The year 9’s bronze students did exceptionally well last week whilst they faced the downpours during their 2 day trek, good work year 9’s - from
  • @thejohnroan - May 16
    Congratulation to Cerys in year 8 who had a very busy two days representing in the under 15 girls hurdles, 100m, long jump and her best performance coming in the high jump placing 5th in the championship.
  • @thejohnroan - May 16
    Congratulations Matthew in year 12 representing Blackheath and Bromley Harriers for his bronze medal in the Under 20 men's 800m and 5th in the 1500m in the Championship.
  • @thejohnroan - May 16
    Congratulations to Eddie in year 11 representing who became the Kent Champion in the Under 17 Men's Javelin & Theo in year 9 representing for his silver medal in the Under 15 Boys Javelin
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@revkes - May 16
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@markjohnsonbrow - May 16
    tell you what! when this Brexit rubbish is out of the way, we have some great young people growing up who are gonna lead the way to better times. school students are a dream to work with and a credit to themselves, their community and their school