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Welcome to The John Roan. Founded in 1677, we are one of the oldest state schools in the country, with a rich and distinguished past. The John Roan has been dedicated to serving the community of Greenwich for more than 335 years.
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  • thejohnroan Retweeted@kari_j_sargent - Jul 20
    Raphael blew the roof off! And got a standing ovation from all the judges!
  • @thejohnroan - Jul 20
    Did you see Rafael? Great opening performance on just now
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@thejohnroan_pe - Jul 20
    Go RAF! GCSE PE student for next year too....a student of many talents 🏓 fingers crossed for tomorrow
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@jr_library - Jul 19
    Thank you to for letting Community Librarians visit the Drop in Cafe this afternoon. We've enjoyed our visits to all of your amazing Outreach events this year, and we're looking forward to working with you again when we return to school in September!
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@thejohnroan_pe - Jul 18
    Very interesting video! 👍
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@thejohnroan_pe - Jul 18
    It’s always a pleasure! 🏆🏀⚽️🏊‍♂️💪🏅🏃🏽‍♂️
  • @thejohnroan - Jul 18
    Congratulations 10R. Highest PRIDE points. Special lunch for you!
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@jr_library - Jul 17
    Year 7 student Martha is featured in this week’s edition of The Week Junior, giving tips and advice to other students on setting up their own after-school clubs, after she set up her own Creative Writing Club this year.
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@steveadcock81 - Jul 16
    Brilliant day with our T&L leads as we reflect on a year working with Rosenshine's principles and look ahead to 2019-20. Thanks to for setting up the day with this video message.
  • @thejohnroan - Jul 16
    Our PE team go above and beyond every day -fully involved in a wide range of sports & ensure that all students have a fantastic range of opportunities. Their commitment to inclusion is as great as it is to nurturing high achievers. Thank you all of you
  • thejohnroan Retweeted@thejohnroan_pe - Jul 16
    Well done to our cricket team today, beaten in the final by a strong crown woods team 👏 A re-match is on the cards...we’re still drawing inspiration from this moment
  • @thejohnroan - Jul 16
    An information evening for parents about how the school works with and supports youngsters with SEND as well as how parents can support their children. A general information evening with a chance to talk to the SEND team.